On the Ledge in Red Rock Canyon

To break the ice with this crazy concept, I knew just who to ask: Jared Leto. As an Academy Award winning actor, musician, director, and entrepreneur, Leto embodies the type of creator/innovator I seek to interview with this series. He is endlessly curious, loves to learn, and isn't afraid to fail. We caught up outside of Las Vegas, NV in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. With our feet dangling several hundred feet above the ground, we discussed his childhood, his early days in Hollywood, the gift of fear, his perception of impossible, why he climbs, and much more. 

In this exclusive sneak peek of Episode 1 of On the Ledge, Jared and Kevin prepare to descend down to the portaledge. But first, Jared needs a few safety pointers.

If you showed this to just the average person, they’d be like no no no no no, you guys need to go to the hospital. You’re out of your minds. Which is true, probably.
I think of impossible as an opportunity, as a gift and an adventure.
Fear is often times the friction between living A life or living THE life.
It’s such a simple but great lesson to keep learning and relearning - that the impossible is possible.

Stay tuned for release details for Episode 1 of On The Ledge, featuring Jared Leto with Kevin Jorgeson!